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أفضل برنامج صنع هويات بختم الحكومة بسهولة + استعادة حساب فيس بوك بها


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Hello Facebook:
I can not sign me to account because he was disabled by mistake. So it turns out that he should send cards that have been received by the government agencies and bearing my personal name and date of birth. It is noteworthy that it is important to have a name on the Facebook account is identical to the identity card in order to prove that this Facebook account belonging to his personal card, which I -
Therefore, in order to activate my account I sent you my information to prove that he is the account back to me personally. thank you .
I got a message from Facebook saying that my account was disabled; suddenly I lost contact with all my friends, works, business and my archives.
I do not know why, please return my account back so that I can contact with my friends and work again.
P.S. I attached my ID as a photo with this message so that you can check my identity
Best regards.